How To Play

Ultimate Sissy is intended to gradually feminize you until you can achieve all your sissy dreams! This is an NSFW 18+ game, where all depictions of people are over 18 years old. You should begin with a clean slate, even if you have done things described in a task in your past, do not mark them as complete until you do them again after your game begins. Complete tasks by clicking the icons from the "All Tasks" page. Tasks are broken down by general difficulty:

Mythic > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Uncommon > Common

Harder tasks will generally give more points. Common-Negative tasks should be completed to account for any bad behavior. Specifically the following:

Completing Tasks will show them in the "Completed" page so you can see how far you have come. Reaching certain milestones in points or tasks completed will unlock special tasks that trigger one time point rewards. Tasks are divided into several types:

Note on Time Period Tasks: You cannot navigate away from the page once you begin your session. It will automatically calculate the appropriate points as they accrue. Hitting "End Session" will zero out the timer and add the points accured to your total. You must get at least 1 point for it to be marked as "complete" At this time it is not possible to run multiple timers on different windows or tabs at once. Limit your tasks to one at at time and make sure all other task windows and tabs are closed or your points will not accure properly.